Your drywall damage has been repaired.  The hole is gone, and the dust has settled, but your home still has not been restored fully yet.  Until the wall is painted the damage is still visible, but what options are there?  Should you have the professionals handle the paint as well, or should you take a sample in and do-it-yourself?

PatchMaster has many great options for getting paint matched, but it is not always as simple as one would hope.  While most paint shops will have a “color eye” to match the exact shade, these machines struggle to match sheen. All of our PatchMaster technicians are trained to be able to detect and match sheen as well as color. 

Even if you have a perfect paint match with a perfect sheen, often repairs that have been painted can still be seen – this is a common issue called “flashing”.  PatchMaster mitigates this by using high-quality products including primers and paints. Our skilled technicians also are experts and feathering and blending paints into existing walls which mitigates the flashing significantly, after a full cure of the paint (typically 24-28 hours).

Next time you have a repair done, have PatchMaster match the paint as well.  We are sure you will be happy with the results and your home will be “whole again”.